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Traditional burial sites are located throughout the cemetery grounds. We offer individual lots, double lots, or family lots throughout our beautiful and scenic grounds. Our property is designed to accommodate different types of memorials, including upright monuments, flat markers or both.


Cremated remains can be memorialized in several ways. They are:

In-ground Burial of Cremains

In-ground burial of cremains occurs in a traditional burial lot. Two cremains may be placed in one lot. Depending upon the location of the lot, name and date information may be memorialized on upright monuments, flat markers, or both.

The Founders’ Columbaria Area

This area offers columbaria space in a serene outdoor setting. Each niche has been designed to accept one or two cremains. Engraved plaques provide memorialization of name and date information. The three original columbariums were named in honor of Lakeside Cemetery’s founding officers, Emma LeDuc and Maria Van Hoesen. In July of 2022, three new columbariums were installed. They were named in honor of three other women who helped found Lakeside Cemetery (Julia Allen, Samantha Lewis, and Mary Wright). A Veteran’s Monument is also planned for the area.

The Todd Memorial Boulder Garden

This is a landscaped garden dotted with Minnesota quarried granite boulders and benches. Each boulder or bench is designed to accept one or two cremains. Bronze plaques provide memorialization of name and date information. Here is additional information about the Memorial Boulder Garden.

The Curry Woods Scattering Garden

This is a woodland setting where the ashes of loved ones may be respectfully and lovingly placed. Records of loved ones who are interned in Curry Woods are recorded for perpetuity. A monument at the site provides individuals with the option of memorializing the name and dates of their loved one’s life. Here is the Curry Woods Scattering Garden story.


Most of us are not prepared to deal with the problems, grief, indecisions and costs of a loved one’s death. Making decisions about memorial burial or cremation in advance helps protect your family from having to make these decisions when their lives are complicated by grief. For pre-planning assistance, please call us at 651.437.6656 or send an email if you would like to discuss your options.


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