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What's New


Lakeside Cemetery will hold its Annual Meeting at 6pm on May 2, 2023. The meeting will be held in the cemetery office (920 Nininger Road, Hastings). All lot and columbarium niche owners are invited to attend. 


This summer, Lakeside Cemetery has been a work in progress!    

ROADS: We've been able to repair many of the roads and potholes. (Unfortunately, some are still on the "to do list.") This should make it much easier for visitors to travel through the cemetery. 

EXPANSION: An area on the west side will soon be in the process of being prepared for additional gravesites. In addition, parking spaces were added near the office. 

CURRY WOODS SCATTERING GARDEN: Decorative fencing has been installed around the scattering area. A bench and relocation of the monument are in the works. 

COLUMBARIUM AREA: The new columbariums and pavers have been placed. The benches, boulders, and gardens still need to be completed. With the addition of the three new columbarium’s, there is now enough space in this shared area for family and friends to honor and memorialize up to 744 loved ones.

FOUNTAIN, ENTRY GARDEN, AND FLAG: These areas have received (or will soon receive) new edging and "sprucing up." 

POTTER'S FIELD: This area of the cemetery houses many unmarked graves. A monument honoring the individuals who were buried there, long ago, has been installed. 

GRAVE DECORATION POLICY:  The women who founded Lakeside Cemetery envisioned it as a “place of sanctuary, solitude, quiet adornment, and natural beauty.”   With this goal in mind, the Board revised the Grave Decoration Policy. You'll find the updated policy under the "Policies" tab.

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