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What is a scattering garden?

A scattering garden allows for above ground distribution of cremation remains.  Many families today are seeking greater internment choice and lower cost. The Curry Woods Scattering Garden provides a lovely setting to scatter ashes while preserving records of your loved one for generations.  Families may also choose to inscribe their loved one’s name on a scattering garden monument.  The Curry Woods Garden is situated under a canopy of trees and the gardens will be planted with hardy evergreen perennial ground cover.

Who is James Curry?

Local historians believe James was born the son of slaves.  Energetic, resourceful and engaging, he was a beloved member of Hastings’ Black pioneers.  When he died, businesses and schools closed in his honor. James and his wife are buried at Lakeside as are several other Black pioneers and civil war veterans.

Why name the scattering garden after James Curry?

As a place for remembrance, Lakeside strives to provide a beautiful place for

families and the community to honor and remember loved ones.  James Curry’s

story is not well remembered. The Board of Trustees felt that Mr. Curry was deserving of this honor and the community would benefit by learning more about him.  In the 1880’s a Lakeside board member proclaimed that the work of the cemetery is to “honor the dead and be a credit to the living.”  Words we live by still.

Black Settlers Walking Tour

Anytime is the perfect time to stroll Lakeside, remember those who have passed on, and honor our veterans.  The Black Settlers Walking Tour includes the gravesites of three Black civil war veterans, a civil rights activist, and James Curry.

Download the the Black Settlers Walking Tour Brochure here.

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